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Islas Canarias, Spain

1999 - 2001



"...By the age of 17 Mr Lewis had become full-time resident at the infamous 'The Basement' nightclub in the Canary Islands. Rather than just play records, he rearranged the DJ booth so the lighting controls surrounded the mixer, allowing him complete control of the club's atmosphere, creating an exciting, electric clubbing experience. The club had to close a few years later when part of the false ceiling collapsed, making him one of the only DJ's in the world who has literally "brought the roof down.""

Brighton, UK



Club night

Amazing monthly party in Brighton (home of Fatboy Slim), England's sunny south-coast beach city. Teaming up with his usual partner in crime RC Viking they delivered a true musical odyssey each and every month.

Brighton, UK

2012 - present

Back To Pangaea

Music for the feet, knees, hips and soul

Amazing monthly party in Brighton (home of Fatboy Slim), England's sunny south-coast beach city. Teaming up with his usual partner in crime RC Viking they delivered a true musical odyssey each and every month.

Strawberry Fields Festival

The Call of the Country

Leicester, UK


Now entering it's fourth year, Strawberry Fields Festival is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing and most exciting independent festivals in the UK.

Gecko Mafia will be in full attendance, bringing you the finest Micro Dance Tent pumping out quality House music all weekend.



Ed Lee - Space Ibiza

Mr Lewis - Knees Up / Ibiza
Colin Dale - Abstrakt/Wildlife A.M

RC Viking - Back to Pangaea
Boston Green - Gecko Mafia/Point Blank FM
Richie Jones - Point Blank FM/Beats Me Music
Scott Watson - The Sunchasers

Varkala, India



New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve in Varkala to a packed-out courtyard (with sand dancefloor, djing on a box of pampers!) at the back of God's Own Country Club on the cliffs above the beach. A crowd of various tourists and travelers which gave way to a throng of excited, screaming locals later on in the morning. The talk of the town.

London, UK

2014 -2016



A 3 year bi-monthly residency with the HOUSEPLAY boys at London's premier Saturday night venue. Full Funktion One sound system, funky, deep, tech-house and packed every time.

Slope-Off Festival

Dream Valley Projects

Samoëns, France


Accompanied by RC Viking; the pair played two sets at this wonderful festival, one in the basement of a 1920s cinema and one on top of a mountain!


All day rooftop session

London, UK


MR LEWIS joined RC Viking for two all-day rooftop musical adventures in the summer of 2015. STOREYS formed part of the BBC television center multi-story car park, a temporary pop-up venue available for this use only because it was about to be redeveloped. An amazing space.

Birmingham, UK



Art gallery launch party

Launch party for 112 space in Birmingham's coolest district, Digbeth. Featuring world famous artist 'Imbue' and filmed for HOUSEPLAY.TV a new Bolier Room-style YouTube channel.

Audio Farm Festival

Summer Gathering

Wales, UK


A Sunday evening slot at this amazing little festival that got moved forward to an afternoon set. It took a while for the crowd to get going and rise from their tents, but once they did, they danced and danced. If only they had given him more time!


Cumbria, UK


Kendal Calling Festival

W*A*R*S (We Are Red Stars)

A peak time Friday night set at the W*A*R*S (weareredstars) woodland compound in Cumbria UK at Kendal Calling Festival.

"The best DJ I've heard in 20 years of clubbing"

Kendal Calling Festival

W*A*R*S (We Are Red Stars)

Cumbria, UK


Back at the even bigger W*A*R*S (weareredstars) woodland compound in Cumbria UK for Kendal Calling Festival 2019.

AKA: RS101

Gig highlights and residencies:


1992 - Amy's 10th Birthday Party [London, UK]

1999-2001 - The Basement Club [Canarias, ES]
2002-2003 - Los Latinos [Canarias, ES]
2003 - Isla Tortuga [Canarias, ES]
2004 - 928 Club [Canarias, ES]
2005 - Es Vive [Ibiza, ES]
2005 - Base Bar [Ibiza, ES]
2006 - Audio [Brighton, UK]
2006 - Funktion Rooms [Brighton, UK]
2006-2012 - Hiatus/Exiled
2012 - Knees Up [Brighton, UK]
2012 - Polefest Festival [Brighton, UK]
2012 - Cornerwood Stock Festival [Sussex, UK]
2012 - Gigalum [London, UK]
2013 - Market House [London, UK]
2013 - Northern Lights [Brighton, UK]
2013 - Strawberry Fields Festival [Leicester, UK]

2013 - Back to Pangaea [Brighton, UK]
2014 - HOUSEPLAY [London, UK]

2014 - Brighton Music Conference [Brighton, UK]

2014 - Last Days of Vinyl [Brighton, UK]
2014 - Blue Marine [Varkala, IN]
2014 - God's Kitchen [Varkala, IN]
2015 - Dragon Cafe [Gokarna, IN
2015 - SLOPE OFF Festival [Samoëns, FR]
2015 - HOUSEPLAY [London, UK]
2015 - STOREYS [London, UK]

2015 - HOUSEPLAY [Digbeth, UK]

2016 - Audio Farm Festival [Wales, UK]

2016 - Paradise [Canarias, ES]

2017 - Safari Beach Club [Gili Air, ID]

2017 - Legends Beach Bar [Gili Air, ID]

2017 - CP Lounge [Bali, ID]

2017 - Secret Garden Party [Cambridgeshire, UK]

2017 - Lawn Daze [Kent, UK]

2018 - We Are Red Stars [Cumbria, UK]

2018 - Bed by Midnight [London, UK]

2018 - Back to Pangaea [London, UK]

2018 - New Years Eve Fiesta [Canarias, ES]

2019 - Summer Solstice Festival [Brighton, UK]

2019 - Kendal Calling Festival [Cumbria, UK]

2020 - Battle of the DJs [Canarias, ES]

2020 - Room Sessions [Canarias, ES]

2020 - Atlantis FM - [Canarias, ES]

2020 - El Klinik [Canarias, ES]

2021 - Falling Fwds [Brighton, UK]

2022 - Vaulted Sound [Brighton, UK]

2022 - Meridian Sounds [Lewes, UK]

2022 - Atlantis FM - [Canarias, ES]

2022 - Smoke House - [Canarias, ES]

2022 - El Chupadero - [Canarias, ES]

2023 - Slack City Radio [Brighton, UK]

2023 - Vaulted Sound [Brighton, UK]

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